S-Matik Contactless

S-Matik Contactless

Hygienic Customer Experience

Nowadays hygiene and social distance are focused concepts, providing a healthy service environment and experience have become very important.

S-Matik Customer Flow Management Solutions, which have been used for many years in banks, hospitals, public institutions, sales points, provide your customers to get service comfortably and be guided by technological factors instead of waiting in a queue, and now S-Matik continues to offer innovations for the post-corona period.

In order to provide a service environment in accordance with social distance rules, the S-Matik Customer Flow Management Solutions become a must-have technology for comfort and health of your services.

Plus C-Box Contactless is now providing taking ticket number without touching buttons. Thanks for the contactless technolgy of S-Matik that C-Box Contactless is precisely for the solution to customer need in the field because of Corona anxiety

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