SecureVey - Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction is measured by many different tools and applications. In addition to manual solutions such as customer satisfaction and complaint survey applications, it is possible to measure customer satisfaction through online solutions such as tablets or kiosks.

In the case of SecureVey solutions, the satisfaction level of the customer who takes a ticket from a queue system can be seen in details like tickets number, transaction type, service type and if card is used by customer ID.

The most important innovation is that since the survey system is integrated with the queue system, the serving person, the service detail (service category, processing time, waiting period) and if a card system is used (if the customer is taking ticket with card) individual customer based results can be obtained. In addition, in this new developed structure, a customer can only participate once in the survey about the service he / she receives. Existing applications allow for as many entries as you want and results are open to manipulation.

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