Recycler Top-Up

Tümsaş designs and develops custom self service payment kiosks for the banking and transportation sectors.

Ödematik, is Turkey's first indigenous self-service terminal used in finance sector for bills and credit card payments in cash. Users can make all kinds of payments in cash or card for 7 days 24 hours and receive the change in banknotes and coins.

Ödematik-Recycler is the next generation payment terminal and the banknote modules are recycler, and the money that a person gives during his / her payment allows the use of disposed banknotes as change for the following customers. Banknote and coin modules allow users to make payments quickly thanks to the ability to dispose in bundle or bulk.

In addition, thanks to unattended POS modules integrated into the Ödematik-Recycler solution, payment with card was also provided.

There is also a server software that enables the integration of Ödematik into the corporate accounting system and also a client software for the application running in the branches. The server software is integrated into the accounting system and the collection is made online. It is designed especially for municipalities and other institutional structures to integrate relevant components for ticket and top-up functions, especially for the sale and top up of contactless cards in the transportation sector. All operations are performed with easy-to-use interfaces on the touch screen, and the devices and operations can be monitored remotely.

Ödematik Components

The following components are standard;

  • Acceptance and return unit of paper money
  • POS Card reader
  • POS Pinpad
  • Barcode reader
  • Barkod Okuyucu
  • Car reader
  • Receipt Printer
  • Color display (with button or touch)
  • Software Modules

In addition, optional equipment such as card issuing module, top up module and camera can be integrated. Based on installed locations Custom corporate design is provided.

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