Customer Queue Management System

S-Matik®; is a customer queuing solution that provides shorter service times for banks, hospitals, public institutions, increases the quality, provides resource planning for enterprises and provides data to customer relationship management. With S-Matik system;

  • Customer recognition
  • Queue management
  • Customer interaction management
  • Advertising management
  • Resource planning
  • Teller performance monitoring
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Administrative analysis
  • Integration into 3rd party systems is possible

S-Matik® system is a solution consist of hardware and software components.

1.1 Ticketing Equipment (Kiosks and Ticket Printers)

Touch screens, also known as kiosk systems, are easy-to-use products and can be used to produce queue numbers in simple terms, or to display all kinds of advertising images. When card readers are integrated into kiosks, customers can be given priority tickets based on the card type. Ticket printers, unlike a simple printer, can print the company's logo, transaction date and time on the ticket.











1.2 Displays (Main display, Teller Display and LCD Information Panels)

Main and teller display alternatives having different color and resolution in the waiting areas, guides the waiting customers to the relevant point. Aura series matrix type LED displays can be used as main display, teller display and information panel. Atria series can be presented with queue number information with LCD displays as well as video images in various formats (advertising, promotional film, news etc.)

1.3 Smart Terminal

The smart terminal is the desktop terminal unit, which teller can call the waiting customer. Performs transactions such as transferring, holding, recalling and creating a fictitious number. The Administrator has the ability to give ID on the basis of the person and enables the performance report to be obtained from the system.

1.4 Converter

The converter is the interface that provides the connection between the S-Matik hardware components and the management software. Manages data exchange in the system and controls the status and number of all software and hardware components that are connected to system.

The system consists of basic components and optional components that provide additional functionalities and integration possibilities.

2.1 Management Software (Manager)

In the basic structure, the Manager (Management Software) is the main software that enables all S-Matik hardware to be installed and run.

System configuration definitions and management of devices (hardware) are done through this application.

The system, whit its intelligent priority engine, provides a dynamic customer prioritization system infrastructure with the segment prioritization to be determined in terms of the condition, timing and even the target of the organization.

2.2 Virtual Terminal

This is the software application running on the teller computer that calls and directs the incoming customer.

2.3 Ticket Dispenser

This is the kiosk interface application which is customized with cooperate identity and the customers make a selection and take ticket through the screen.

2.4 Reporting and Monitoring

The reporting module is the section where statistical information about branches, teller booths, tellers and transactions can be taken. Both the selected branch and the reports to be received for all branches provide the opportunity to analyze managers on issues such as performance management and staff planning.

Average processing time, average waiting time, total number of customers and the number of customers who are served and unserved can be produced on hourly, daily and monthly basis or category, teller booth, teller and branch. In addition, sub-transactions, ticket details, booth and teller-based input to the system can be reported. The performance of booth and teller can be displayed.

The monitoring module is a software solution which is prepared for the companies with S-Matik network to monitor the whole system from the headquarter. Web-based S-Matik Monitor can perform the following functions;

  • Branch density, monitoring of transaction status
  • Inspection of branch hardware / software and configurations
  • Immediate monitoring of errors in the branch

3.1 CRM Integration

The System makes a guery to customer database through card based systems, with a code and ID of the customer, and customer-based prioritization, personalized message delivery, campaign announcements are made

3.2 Core Integration

The virtual terminal application is embedded in enterprise banking software and the call and routing functions are performed without the need for a new window on the teller's computer.

3.3 Third Party Integrations

It has the possibility to integrate with the company specific applications in the request of data from sources such as other branded systems or digital signage applications or especially enterprise HR applications.

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