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Over 40 years of experience in the field of engineering and electronics technology, Tümsaş developed ''Time,Information and Environmental Management” projects and placed among the leading companies in Turkey and worldwide.

In addition to providing technological solutions including hardware, software and industrial design alternatives to its customers, Tümsaş provides kiosk solutions, as well as installation, periodical maintenance and repair services for its products. The aim of these services is to increase the productivity of the partner companies and increase customer satisfaction by producing solutions that are suitable for the customer needs and the latest technology.

Today Tümsaş develops regional partnerships with its own regional offices, mobile services and specialized technical team. Meets the after-sales service and maintenance services requirements at high SLA (Service Level Agreement) standards and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level.


Tümsaş Corporate Logo and Colors

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Our Colors (HEX) #00519F #79C1EC

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