IoT Solutions

The fourth and last industrial revolution, is called Industry 4.0. Internet of things is one of the most important topics of Industry 4.0. It is provided with IoT to collect and manage data from terminal units and establish system of sytems.

IoT solutions enable kiosks, ATMs, industrial machines, logistic vehicles, building systems, health devices, retail systems, and many other systems / devices to communicate with each other and with external systems. Thanks to this communication, many benefits like instant monitoring, relational conditions controls, predictive maintenance, immediate intervention and remote intervention can be provided. Information is a very powerful phenomenon that we need to use to increase our work efficiency, to perform business with minimal mistakes and to minimize potential risks. It is possible to accomplish such a detailed system with a professional team. At this point, TARGETT IoT Solutions is ready to take these processes to the highest level.

With our IoT Solutions;

  • Reading data from devices and machines
  • Monitoring of ambient temperatures
  • Open / Closed status monitoring of doors
  • Tracking of tumble over / standing status of cabinets, devices
  • Authority-based management with electronic lock
  • Power on / off of devices such as PC, lighting, fan, air conditioner depending on the circumstances can be performed by your operations perfectly

can be performed by your operations perfectly.

TARGETT IoT Controller

Within the scope of Industry 4.0, IoT solutions have been developed in order to realize the remote monitoring and management of the kiosks we are developing and to increase the efficiency of the devices used. Even solution is developed from the needs of the devices such as kiosks and ATMs, but thanks to their modular and flexible structure, they enable remote monitoring and management of different devices and environments.

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