Self Service Kiosks


Tümsaş designs, manufactures and maintains various self-service payment kiosk for specific requirements of its customers from different sectors. Ödematik is one of the main solutions that Tümsaş provide to Turkish Market that used for bill payments.

What Is Ödematik? How Does It Work?

Ödematik is an innovative product that brings clear benefits and added values to individuals and enterprises by incorporating multi payment capabilities in today's modern life. It is Turkey's first locally manufactured self service cash payment terminal which can be used indoor and outdoor ( through the wall) due to its optimum dimensions and a wide choice of accessories.

Ödematik is designed targeting individual users. The two main benefits of Ödematik are the availability to make utility and credit card payments by cash(coins and notes) or credit card without the need to go inside a branch/office and using the product 7/24 ( p.s. cash is still the most preferred payment method in the world: more than 50% of all payments are made by cash). Taking into account the number of monthly utility bills, we would have to spend a significant time visiting cashiers to make relavant payments. Fortunately, Ödematik is there ready to accept cash or credit card payments saving time and money for individuals and service providers.

Ödematik is user friendly in terms of its functionalities and ease of use.The product clearly distinguishes itself from similar products by its ergonomic visual symbols which are activated during cash transactions. Incorporating many technical and design innovations, it can even be considered a new enterprise communication platform. As it can be used 7/24, administrations can serve their customers who were not able to get the service within working hours which will eliminate delayed payments.

A Standard Ödematik includes the below components:

Color monitor (buttons or touchscreen)
Card reader
Coin accept/reject module
Coin hoppers
Note acceptor
Note dispensers
Receipt printer
Journal printer
Software interfaces

When required, optional modules like barcode reader, camera, a second printer can also be connected.


It is very easy to use Ödematik as it has same user interface with an ATM. The customer does not necessarily have to be a bank customer to pay a bill. The following steps are performed to make a transaction:

Subscriber selects the utility company
Enters the bill number ( or any reference number)
Ödematik displays the list of bills due for payment ( billing date, amount and due date)
Subscriber selects the bill s(he) wants to pay
The relevant amount is deposited as coins and/or notes. While the subscriber deposists money, the amount approved by Ödematik is displayed on the screen
Balance is paid by coins and/or notes.
Receipt is printed.

Simultaneoulsy, payment confirmation is submitted from the banks server to the utility company’s server. That means payment is confirmed online.