Electronics Design

Electronic Circuit Design Team, makes specific circuit designs based on customer needs and specific projects. Tümsaş delivers these designs as ready for the prototype or for mass production. Within the scope of electronic circuit design, all operations are implemented according to the methods of project management. Schematic, printed circuit board design, firmware studies, density and multi-layer PCB design capabilities which needed for the circuit design are performed in-house. Tümsaş contributes the projects in every step such as printed circuit board design, component selection, prototyping, material procurement with its experienced staff and manufacturing and design abilities.

Software Development

The software development team can design specific software solutions which can be run on the server -client model and can be integrated in third party systems. Tümsaş prepares the software applications according to the all methods of project management software. Using the excellent experience in electronic hardware design, Tümsaş designs specific hardware-software integrated systems. Developing mobile and desktop solutions which could be run on the different operating systems are delivered after tested in accordance with the international standards and based on test scenarios. All software applications are documented from the analysis stage to the delivery of the project. Documents and training is provided by the expert project team based on the content of the project.