Customer Flow Management

WHAT IS S-Matik?

S-Matik, is a customer interaction management system that reduces actual waiting time, increases service quality, provides input to CRM systems and allows operators to plan their resources. Typically banks, telecom operators, hospitals, public administrations and utility providers drive clear benefits from S-Matik. The system offers the below features:

  • Customer identification
  • Queue management
  • Entertainment management
  • Promotion management
  • Staff planning
  • Performance management
  • Customer satisfaction measurement
  • Management analytics
  • Integration with 3rd party systems 


Ticketing equipment (kiosks and ticket machines)

AURA Matrix LED Displays (Main Displays, Counter Displays and Information Boards)

ATRIA LCD Displays ( Main Displays, Counter Displays and Informayion Boards )

Desktop terminal


Ding dong

Power supply 


Management software

Virtual terminal

Voice recording software

LCD/Plasma TV displaying software

Call feature by human voice

Two types of ticketing equipment can be used in The S-Matik system: Kiosks and ticket printers. Kiosks are usually preferred by large accounts due to their functionalities and industrial designs. They include a computer on which queue management software is installed. Ticket printers are ideal for small size companies looking for an economical solution. The queue management software must be installed on a separate PC

A S-Matik system comprises two display types: Aura series matrix LED type displays and Atria series LCD type displays. Matrix LED type displays are available as “main displays”, “counter displays” and “information displays” whereas LCD displays can be used in any display format.

Terminals are used to call waiting customers. There are two types of terminals in a S-Matik system: Desktop terminals and virtual ( software) terminals

S-Matik Interface is the heart of the S-Matik system ; it  provides  the communication between system hardware and management software. It operates on LAN and WAN, enables remote monitoring ( number of customers visiting, transactions times…etc) of all sites with S-Matik installations and checks number of connected users.


S-Matik Management Software manages the entire S-Matik system.  All transactions (data) performed in the system are registered in specific fields, converted into information and reported for CRM purposes.

The software comes in  two versions: S-Matik Connect and S-Matik ConnectPlus. The architectures of these versions are described graphically under “MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURES” section.


S-Matik Connect

This software is installed in a PC in the branch and runs locally. The reports are generated locally and replicated to headquarter. The architecture is depicted below.

S-Matik ConnectPlus

In this architecture, the core of the management software application runs in the branch and some functionalities are managed remotely as follows:

        • System Editor: Branches and users are defined in this window and users are assigned to branches by headquarter. Priorities are also set in this screen.
       • Admin Messenger: Lower and upper limits for customer numbers and service time periods of branches and categories are defined in this window. In case limits are exceeded, e-mails are sent to designated users. 

System Integration

The S-Matik® is a customer interaction system which can work standalone or integrated into other systems. There are several additional benefits available when S-Matik® is integrated into other applications:

  • The avoidance of running two applications on the client PC decreases transaction times
  • The size of the system is reduced; that is less number of hardware and components are required to run the system
  • The system works faster
  • Though the time required to prepare for the first installation is increased; installation time for the roll out phase is significantly reduced
  • System maintenance costs are reduced

The S-Matik® CIM system allows integration into other applications such as the CRM system, core banking system, data warehouses, digital signage systems and workforce management systems. The following section gives brief information about integration practices with CRM systems, core banking and digital signage systems.

Integration With CRM Systems

The optional Vipcon software is used for integration with the database, campaign management or appointment system of the bank as depicted in the below figure. The data traffic between the corporate CRM system and VIPCON module is managed via the web service of the corporation.

a -) Customer / Segment Identification

There are different ways of identifying the customer in a S-Matik® CIM system:

  1. Using a card reader: The customer inserts his/her debit or credit card into the card reader of the kiosk
  2. Typing the GSM number: The customer is asked to type his/her GSM number on the kiosk screen
  3. Typing the civil ID number: The customer is asked to type his/her civil ID number on the kiosk screen.
  4. Biometric scanning: The customer’s palm or fingerprint is scanned via a biometric reader module

 b-) Campaign Management Integration

When a customer gets a ticket from the kiosk, the bank can display a specific message on the kiosk. Same information can also be printed on the ticket.

Integration With Core Application

The functions of the S-Matik® Virtual Terminal can be embedded into the core application (e.g. core banking) of the company. When this is implemented, the tellers will be calling the customers by clicking on a special button in the core application.

Integration With 3rd Party Applications

Another useful way of S-Matik® integration occurs when queue data from S-Matik® system is exported to 3rd party applications like Digital Signage.

The Digital Signage system imports queue data from S-Matik® system via APIs provided by Dora A.S. The format of data exchange between S-Matik® and the Digital Signage application can be Xml or other mutually agreed.


S-Matik Signage® is a software application that enables corporations to simultaneously display static and dynamic texts and videos imported from external sources and queueing information. It helps companies use the LCD or plasma displays in waiting lounge to interact with their customers. 

By running S-Matik Signage® on a LCD/plasma display, you can

  • Display queue information
  • Play analog TV channels
  • Play videos*

Connect to web sites and display information via RSS feeds ( e.g. weather forecast)


S-Matik System has two options to call the customers to the relevant counter. Ding Dong is a hardware component that gives “Ding Dong” voice whenever the teller calls the next customer.

S-Matik  Voice is a call feature by human voice. The voice samples and customer direction statements are prepared in the requested language. Voice direction can be executed in dual languages simultaneously.


The S-Matik® system runs a segment query via card reader or other means of customer identification. The branch customer traffic information is also sent to the head quarter together with customer information. Then it creates the message depending on customer information available in the core application. The created message is sent to S-Matik® system together with segment information and can be displayed on the kiosk and/or ticket. The displaying of message is managed according to branch traffic.

S-Matik Promo is an advanced option of S-Matik System that is available only in S-Matik Connect Plus Management Software 


This is a utility which allows managers to have a quick and instant understanding of branch performance. For instance, if average service time exceeds predefined values, then an e-mail will be sent to branch manager which will address the reasons for the service delay and how to overcome this problem. This type of an analytical tool helps decision makers improve the customer services quality instantly.      

       The customer defines the performance criteria of its branches.

       S-Matik® calculates the actual performances and compares with the defined values.

In case of low performance, analytical information as well as suggested actions are e-mailed to authorized staff


S-Matik Monitor is a software solution that enables corporations to monitor the System centrally. S-Matik Monitor is a web based solution that works for the monitoring of;

- Density in branches
- Hardware, Software and configurations
- Errors

S-Matik Monitor is an advanced option of S-Matik System that is available only in S-Matik Connect Plus Management Software.


The S-Matik® CIM system offers an extensive range of reporting possibilities. Statistics can be used for analytical purposes in order to improve productivity in customer services and save from operational costs. The data which is referred to while retrieving reports is saved in MS SQL server in the branch or at headquarter, depending on the system architecture. “Reporter” module is used to retrieve reports from the system.