Chairman's Message

We always seek for novelty in the name of technology, knowledge, time management and environmental management that help us spare more time for ourselves... We manufacture customer satisfaction technology.

Disorder: The primary factor causing all these chaos... Leaving time and knowledge flow on its own without classifying or arranging in an orderly manner... But, isn't TIME the thing we own least, but think we own most?

We act quite humanistic in this sense. All our efforts aim to provide a more modern life, easier and faster access to required knowledge. Remember the days you used to wait for hours in bank branches. It is no longer the case for today. Now, waste gas emitted by factories is checked and air pollution is being minimized. Do you know who provided you this quality? Technology. Local adaptation of global technology. Technology that we can't rule, but manage knowledge, time and environment.

We are innovative....We retrieve data and convert them to solutions.
We are reliable......Our partnerships last not only a period, a lifetime.
We aim at "maximum customer satisfaction". Besides, we know that we have to satisfy maximum employee satisfaction. Our trainings, information sharing culture, responsible and initiator employees are good indicators of such.

We are trying hard to make our lives easier: seeing details you don't, finding problems, researching solutions and developing appropriate products and solutions designed to fit your requirements. All our efforts together with our business partners aim to provide the "excellent" .
We are solution oriented... While evaluating "Customer-Tümsaş" relationship on a " Solution Seeker - Solution Provider" basis, we do not concede respecting the nature and people as well as being clear and innovative.

Bülent TOSUN

Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı